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In the UK approximately 7% of school children attend an independent school. It is important to all parents to give their children opportunities to develop and some believe that an independent education is the right choice for their child.

This belief may be based on the understanding that independent schools inculcate values such as discipline, self-reliance and competition. They do not just concentrate on the best place in Government ‘league tables’, but care about the individual needs of each child, understanding that sport, enrichment activities, moral values and standards are vitally important to a fulfilling life.

Teachers at small independent schools also have the luxury of truly knowing their pupils. Many children join at nursery level and fulfil their whole education at the same school. This helps the child as the benefit of accurate assessment knowledge ensures the best progression results each year, with any weak areas targeted quickly.

We appreciate the importance you attach to selecting the best school for your son or daughter; childhood is something which can be experienced only once. With this in mind, and the belief that children learn best when they feel happy and secure, we aim to develop in our pupils a lifelong interest in learning, one which encompasses the full range of intellectual, cultural, artistic and sporting achievements of our society.

Pupils joining Rushmoor enter a small, friendly environment where individuals really do matter. There are small class sizes and classroom support is a key strength. Rushmoor has unique qualities and there is no other school in Bedfordshire like it. I would strongly urge you to visit us to witness day to day school life to see for yourself what an ideal environment the school offers in which to learn, develop and grow.

We believe in individual care and attention and we encourage a friendly, positive attitude in our pupils as well as an energetic sense of purpose. The staff realise the importance of effort and personal discipline in enabling pupils to achieve their highest academic standards.

I am very proud to be the Principal of a school that has received high praise in its most recent inspection report, with the majority of areas judged to be excellent. A school with a strong reputation and long history in Bedford and a school where staff will go that extra step to ensure they are there to support pupils and their parents.

We take pride in the fact that Rushmoor is different from other schools, on visiting us you will see the ethos sets us apart. We have a family orientated learning environment that genuinely cares and focuses on each child's individual learning path. Fees are lower than you might expect, and our philosophy is we believe a good education is the right of all, therefore, there are no entrance exams.

Once again the pupils have performed exceedingly well in their GCSE examinations in 2018.  We achieved an excellent set of GCSE exam results this year with pupils coping admirably with the demands of the new specifications, achieving a 9-1 pass rate of 99.6% overall.  More than 80% of all pupils achieved five or more GCSE passes at grades 9-4 and nearly a third of all grades achieved were at a grade 6 or above.  After achieving an A grade last year in DT, year 11 student Leon Smith backed this up this year with one grade 9 in mathematics, four grade 8s and two grade 7s.  Jamie Webster achieved an A grade in Full Course PE last year and included four grade 8s as well as three grade 7s.   A very special mention must go to year 9 student, Olivier Gaillard, who achieved one of the best marks in the county for GCSE mathematics, being awarded the highest grade, grade 9, this summer.  He adds this to the grade A he achieved two years ago in GCSE French whilst in year 7.  Following this fantastic set of results, a large number of pupils will be remaining at the school which has just seen the first cohort complete their A Level studies.  

Rushmoor & St Andrews Sixth Form offered over 15 different A Level choices to this years cohort of 15 students.  This is the first cohort to complete their A Level studies and we have been delighted with the successes they have achieved, with an overall 96% pass rate and a third of all grades at A*-B.  All of our students going on to university courses were able to gain places at their first choice universities. 

Our results are especially pleasing as we are a non-selective independent school. 

As Principal my aim is to ensure that each child has reached their potential when they move on from Rushmoor and also to instil high moral standards in the pupils to allow them to become well-rounded individuals. Please contact Mrs Philippa Abruzzese to arrange a personal visit with me. I look forward to meeting you. 

Ian Daniel, BA, NPQH


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